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This is beautiful. Using it made me lose sleep, and after I dreamed of a white city.

I used a VR space for method of loci and spaced repetition practice, and would love something similar for this where the user creates notes that randomly spawn in locations in the future. I don't expect that this would be a popular feature at all, but maybe this comment might give you ideas for where to take this next!

I can't download the for Windows. I've checked my AdBocker as advised to pause it for this page, but when I click the 'download' button for the Zip nothing happens (just a pop up page thanking me for downloading the demo - which I haven't).

When I hover the cursor over the download button I can see my browser says javascript:void(0);


I have this problem that I constantly turn left and don't know how to stop it. Can anyone help me?


Do you have a controller or joystick connected?


Yes. Just tried it after disconnecting, it worked. Thank you! :D


Wow! Multiplayer exploration mode with VR support! Check out Manifold Garden by William Chyr too!

Impressive work. I download source code on GitHub and I took a look at scripts. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate the main aesthetic. I wish you the best ++

Oh its opensource to :D     as someone who codes things  this made my day better   


ngl i open this game about once every couple months and have my mind blown again

I had a dream about this about 5months ago I think. Once I saw your "Infinite procedurally generated city in Unity" a few months later. Just got back on here today to make this comment. Wanted to see what the progress was. 


One who made this must be a Genius. I wish there was a tutorial on how it was created!

How I can set up bounds or size in  the unity project? Regards!

I noted that you wanted to talk about adding possible game mechanics. I think it'd be neat if you added larger almost arena like areas and "bosses" either making the game darksouls ish or a fast paced shooter. I do also want to say I wish you could go further down and up, maybe 5 layers down, 5 layers up that are reliable then after that it becomes a bit less likely to find rooms the further down or up you go?


LOOKS amazing, Parkour sim yay


A wonderful concept! I have literally had dreams like this. Will you add more building types?

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it would be worse to run than flight sim


Have you ever heard of this manga called Blame? Because this program feel like it could have a lot of potential for a game with a similar concept. The technology seems like it would be really good for creating a survival horror sandbox game.

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I really trying to get this thing working. But something is still missing from documentation perspective.

I tried to create custom tiles from beginning. Even successfully figured out how to do a complex moments, that are size of 16x, and made of parts that are 2x2 (1/4 of 16). 

Couple moments that are not that clear to me. What is exact difference between Flipped and Symmetrical (horizontal) tile?

As I understood we can make connections, such as:

10->10F (Flipped)

11->11S (Symmetrical)


They don't look flipped, both look rotated, and that flag (Flipped or Symmetrical) feels more like just an identification of pairs, not how they actually behave.

But thing is, when I'm doing ModuleData, even Simplify data, everything also seems to be fine.

But during Game generation, after a bit distancing, it gets stuck in Backtracking, that looks very simple to me, but really hard for the algorithm. And surprisingly, it does builds some tiles during backtracking that shouldn't be matching.

It does builds an impossible patterns with mismatching Connectors, I don't know why. Like 55s connected with 2s, and other ones. 

Is there any ideas what might be wrong?


Yep. Seems to be backtracking doesn't solve simple problems... Even in scene (3 tiles), where are straight lines only (no rotation in my case). Even with Boundary Constraints disabled. After one minute, it starts to do backtracking when there is no need in that. Like looks like a bug to me:

2998 Backtracking 758 steps...

+ Tried your tiles, picked up about 6, that will generate a plane (no walls). With boundary works, without nope.

I tweaked as much settings as possible, but result is still same.

Any ideas what's might be wrong?


This looks so dope! I seriously spent hours just parkouring on the roof tops. I just wonder if you are sstill working on it.


Thanks for providing the source code! I made a nice screen saver out of it.


thanks for the free virus

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Nice job! Respect! 

hey! what does your tile set for this look like? rn im creating a tileset for my own implementation and having some trouble with a few things

Check out the blog post linked in the description, it contains a screenshot of the tileset.


I love stuff Like this! I love the idea of a vast never ending structure. So eerie.

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